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Disaster Relief Fund

 File:Canadian Red Cross.svg - Wikimedia Commons
Please help Pine Grove raise funds to support disaster relief efforts in the Caribbean and Mexico - visit School Cash Online above to make a donation by Nov 19th, or send in your spare change: every little bit helps.  All funds collected will be given to the Canadian Red Cross to provide aid to people impacted by hurricane or earthquake. Thank you for helping us make a difference for those in need!

See Why We Support Dreambox to Build Mathematics Skills

Pine Grove Bullying Prevention & Intervention Action Plan 2017-2018

Starting the Year: Significant 72

Ecole Pine Grove is starting the 2017-18 school year with activities to support the 'Significant 72'

Significant 72 Overview


Horaire Quotidien

 9:00-9:15Teachers supervise schoolyard 
 9:15-10:15Period 1 
 10:15-10:55Period 2 
 10:55-11:451st Nutritional Break
   10:55-11:20 Gr 2-4 eat inside
                      Gr 5-8 outside 
11:20-11:45 Gr 2-4 outside
                        Gr 5-8 eat inside
11:45-12:35 Period 3 
 12:35-1:25Period 4 
 1:25-2:05 2nd Nutritional Break
   1:25-1:45 Gr 2-4 eat inside
                 Gr 5-8 outside 
1:45-2:05 Gr 2-4 outside
                    Gr 5-8 eat inside
 2:05-2:45Period 5 
 2:45-3:45Period 6 
Teachers supervise bus lines