Grade 7 Start Up Packages

Pine Grove Public School


SEPTEMBER 2022-2023



- geometry set (must include compass and protractor)

- 30 cm clear ruler (with millimetres)

- 2 x 1 ½ -inch 3-ring binders (must fit in desk with other materials)

- tab dividers for binders

- calculator (scientific... square roots and exponents)

- French-English dictionary (e.g., Harrap’s, Merriam-Webster)

- English thesaurus/dictionary

- white vinyl eraser

- large glue stick (1)

- HB pencils and a pencil sharpener (with container to hold shavings)

- lined, 3 holed paper… in each binder

- pencil crayons

- thin, coloured markers (optional, but would be useful)

- highlighters

- small pair of scissors for personal use

- pencil case

- Dudley lock (no hardened steel)

- graph paper

- 2 white board markers


- Kleenex

- hand sanitizer

- earphones

Requirements for all grades for Physical Education Classes and Daily Physical Activity (DPA) Classes:

- gym clothes

- lace-up, non-marking running shoes for indoor classes

- no jewelry

- long hair needs to be tied back in an elastic