Principal's Message

  A Message from Administration  

Welcome to Pine Grove Public School!

As the proud Principal I am thrilled to be working with a dynamic and dedicated team at Pine Grove, and look forward to meeting and reconnecting with you throughout the school year.  Pine Grove is a French Immersion School for students in Grades 2 - 8 located on Fourth Line in Oakville.  The French Immersion program provides half the day’s instruction in French and half in English, with exception of Grade 2, which is 100% French, and with percentages decreasing in subsequent years (Grade 3 at 80%, Grade 4 - 8 at 50%).

Pine Grove School is special in so many ways.  Our dedicated teachers provide quality education, and are committed to the academic, social and emotional development of each and every student.  Parents have always been an integral part of our Pine Grove team.  Positive and productive relationships with the community continue to be a priority for our staff as they welcome and encourage strong home/school partnerships.  We are very fortunate to have a secretarial, custodial and support staff that consistently demonstrate ongoing care and concern for our students, and for the entire school community.  The administration, teachers and staff appreciate the strong community relationships that have been established here, and will strive to maintain them.

We value and respect the strengths, uniqueness and diversity of all of our students, and promote many opportunities to appreciate and experience Canada’s bilingual culture.  We strive to live by the Right to Play philosophy of, "Look after of yourself, look after one another."  In addition, we encourage global citizenship through our Student Parliament outreach programs and GSA Club.

We look forward to working cooperatively with students, parents, teachers and staff towards a positive, inclusive and safe school climate.

Bienvenue à École Pine Grove!

École Pine Grove est une école d'immersion française avec des enfants de la deuxième jusqu'à la huitième année, située sur Fourth Line à Oakville.  Le programme d'immersion donne aux élèves l'occasion d'avoir la moitié de leur journée en anglais et l'autre moitié en français. 

Pine Grove est une école avec des qualités exceptionnelles.  Nos professeurs dédiés offrent une formation excellente de chaque enfant.  Les parents jouent toujours un rôle important à Pine Grove.  Des liens positifs et productifs avec la communauté sont toujours encouragés par le personnel qui travaille avec les familles de Pine Grove.  Nous sommes chanceux d'avoir des secrétaires, du personnel de soutien et des concièrges qui démontrent constamment le respect mutuel pour les enfants et la communauté entière.  La direction de l'école, les professeurs et tout le personnel de l'école apprécient des relations fortes avec la communauté et ils essaient toujours de les maintenir.

Nous apprécions et respectons les qualités, l'individualité et la diversité des nos étudiants, et nous offrons plusieurs occasions d'apprécier et d'avoir des expériences qui célèbrent la culture bilingue canadienne.   Nous modelons la philosophie de Right to Play, "prends soins de toi-même, prends soins des autres."  Nous encourageons le citoyen mondiale à travers les Parlement et le Club GSA.

On espère travailler coopérativement avec les étudiants, les parents, les professeurs et le personnel de l'école pour créer un environnement sauf, inclusif et positif.

Mrs. Bita Watts, Principal/Directrice

Welcome to École Pine Grove!

A student’s perspective...

Welcome to Pine Grove!/About us:

Welcome/Bienvenue to Pine Grove Public School!  We really hope that this is the school for you and your family.  Here at Pine Grove, we seek to assist in your child’s education and social/emotional development.  Your child will grow in a safe, healthy and fun learning environment where they will participate in a variety of educational endeavours.  If you are considering enrolling your child at École Pine Grove, please know that we are a French Immersion Centre, meaning all students are in the French Immersion program.

Our Mission: 

Our mission here at Pine Grove is to empower, educate and prepare  young minds. We also like to encourage positive thinking and actions towards learning and peers. 

Right To Play’s Red Ball:

The Red Ball Award is given to multiple classes that best exemplify the red ball philosophy of “Look after yourself and look after one another”.  This motto is borrowed from an outstanding global foundation Right To PlayRight To Play is an organization that allows children across the world to have the opportunity to play and have fun, focusing on Education, Gender Equality, Health, Child Protection and Peace.  They focus on developing countries and they work with children in Canada, as well as from countries such as Pakistan, Uganda, Mali and many others.  To learn more, here is the link to their website: 

Clubs and Activities: 

At Pine Grove School, we have all kinds of different activities and people.  The clubs and activities are all unique in their own way. Some of our clubs include, but are not limited to:  Global Issues, GSA, Student Parliament, Yearbook Committee, Choir, Band, Track and Field, Cross Country, Volleyball, Basketball, Flag Football, Soccer, Badminton and many more.

We believe École Pine Grove is an exceptional school.  We are so excited for the future of your children and ours alike. 


Grade 8 Pine Grove Student